Introductory Workshops

Understanding Workplace Wellbeing

Understanding Workplace Wellbeing


1-2 hours


Introductory workshops can be accessed by schools as an in-person event, an online session, or as a downloadable resource

Work Demands And Recovery
Workplace Wellbeing Continuum



Why leader and staff wellbeing matters, drawing on research to highlight the connections between

  • School leader/staff wellbeing and job performance/school effectiveness
  • School leader wellbeing and staff wellbeing
  • School leader/staff wellbeing and positive workplace culture
  • Positive workplace culture and positive school culture
  • School leader/staff wellbeing and student outcomes

The Workplace Wellbeing Continuum, understanding

  • How workplace wellbeing in on a continuum from Engagement to Burnout
  • The signs and symptoms of burnout
  • The factors that cause individuals to move along the continuum towards burnout

Work Demands vs Work Recovery, understanding

  • The role that works demands play in influencing workplace wellbeing
  • The key work demands that impact workplace wellbeing in schools
  • The role that work recovery in non-work time plays in workplace wellbeing
  • The key elements of effective work recovery