Team Workplace Wellbeing Assessment

Team Workplace Wellbeing Assessment

The Team Workplace Wellbeing Assessment works well in conjunction with a follow-up workshop to facilitate discussion and promote goal setting.


The quality of a team’s workplace wellbeing is dependent upon the nature of their work demands and the effectiveness of their work recovery. The Team Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is designed to measure a team’s work demands and work recovery. This will enable them to identify areas that need to be addressed across the team both within the workplace and during non-work time. The Team Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is an excellent tool to support teams in reflecting together on their shared experience, identify areas that needs to be addressed at a tam level and set goals for improvement. It can be used by a senior leadership team, with middle leaders or with teams across the whole school.


TheTeam Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is comprised of four assessment tools

  • Maslach Burnout Inventory for Educators (MBI-ES-modified for school leaders)-identifies which of the 5 profiles on the Workplace Wellbeing Continuum most closely matches and the team’s  experience and identifies areas to be addressed.
  • Areas of Worklife Survey (AWS)-assesses the degree of fit or mismatch the team is experiencing in the 6 areas of 
  • Community, Workload, Control,Rewards, Values and Fairness. One or more mismatches can contribute to you moving along the Workplace Wellbeing Continuum towards burnout. 
  • The Workload Survey -helps teams  to identify areas of their workload that most need addressing. 
  • The Work Recovery Assessment -provides an opportunity for the teams  to reflect on the quality of their recovery in non-work time using the Work Recovery Framework..