Individual Workplace Wellbeing Assessment

Individual Workplace Wellbeing Assessment

The Individual Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is completed online and a confidential report is provided directly to each individual. The assessment works well when used in conjunction with one-to-one coaching to support goal setting. Written recommendations can also be included as part of the report for an additional fee.


The quality of an individual's workplace wellbeing is dependent upon the nature of their work demands and the effectiveness of their work recovery. The Individual Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is designed to measure an individual's work demands and work recovery. This will enable them to identify areas that need to be addressed both within the workplace and during their non-work time.


The Individual Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is comprised of four assessment tools

  • Maslach Burnout Inventory for Educators (MBI-ES-modified for school leaders)-identifies which of the 5 profiles on the Workplace Wellbeing Continuum mostclosely matches and individual's experience and identifies areas to be addressed.
  • Areas of Worklife Survey (AWS)-assesses the degree of fit or mismatch an individual is experiencing in the 6 areas of Community, Workload, Control, Rewards, Values and Fairness. One or more mismatches can contribute to you moving along the Workplace Wellbeing Continuum towards burnout.
  • The Workload Survey -helps individuals to identify areas of their workload that most need addressing.
  • The Work Recovery Assessment -provides an opportunity for the individual to reflect on the quality of their recovery in non-work time using the Work Recovery Framework.